Cultural programs helpful in positive change

Girls students who performed excellently in cultural programs throughout the year were honored at Rani Revati Devi

May 16, 2024 - 16:50
Cultural programs helpful in positive change
Cultural programs helpful in positive change

Prayagraj. Rani Revati Devi Saraswati of Kashicharya Province affiliated to Vidya Bharati Giriraj Banke Bihari Pandey in Dhol of Vidya Nitan Inter College Rajapur Excellent and outstanding performance in cultural programs organized with students of school and outside the school under the direction of Sangeet Manoj Gupta and Pyleke Did the performing arts.

The meaning of cultural program is to present the journey of any culture through art. Along with studies, cultural programs have their own importance. Through this, children get a platform to move forward.

This certificate also deserves congratulations that along with mathematics, the school has been made proud by showing its best performance in cultural programs also.

Among the students who were honored were Shraddha Patel, Anshika Yadav, Sanskriti Krishna, Mansi Yadav, Yashi Tiwari, Aradhana Mishra, Shubhra Pal, Sakshi Singh, Siddhi Rawat, Priyanshi Srivira, Sakshi Gupta, Apeksha Sahukar, Ishika and Pramukh Parivartan. The program was conducted by Satya Prakash Pavilion and Dinesh Shukla.

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