I irritated from seeing those hotel rooms, drawing rooms and restaurant where stick that poster like “No politics here” means there is not allowed to talk about politics .They thought talking about politics create unnecessary disturbance and problem, but I am against this statement. My thought, every person supposed to have interest in economics and politics..

May 19, 2024 - 16:17

If he civilized him because help of politics, you can have interest government rule and regulations. Hindi language defined Rajneeti as Raj means Government and Neeti means rule .Politics have many section. Who have interest in politics is called politicians. mostly politicians are respectable in society. They have strong character . they always think about public welfare.

They know about public need and demands. They can see difference and problem without any hesitation. they solved any matter by hook or cook . mostly politicians have empty pocket but they busy for public welfare and society development . They are courageous, they fight to government and powerful person for public rights.

They ready to sacrifice everything, sometimes due to their Hardwork, they get bad response from public. “ Kaam nikalne ke baad inhe koi nahi puchhta” this tough lessons and experience they got everyday. but they never change their character . I know many many politicians, they get up early morning . After exercise and morning walks and after daily routine, they sit on Bethka office and any type of bad habits. They respects for elders and women. They reach where they need .

But afsos we all not become a politicians, it is not reality .”Jaisa neta vaisa samaaj”,but nobody want to go because political career is uncertain?

(Akhil Sawant)

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