#Mobicule launches its first physical collection platform #mCollect for loan recovery

#Mobicule #mCollect

Oct 4, 2023 - 13:38
#Mobicule launches its first physical collection platform #mCollect for loan recovery
#Mobicule launches its first physical collection platform #mCollect for loan recovery

Mumbai. Mobicule Technologies is a recognized debt collection and a leading household digital customer onboarding company in India. The company is proud to launch its phygital debt resolution service to enhance debt recovery and credit capacity. There is a parallel blend of digital outreach with a customer-centric call center to create a streamlined and efficient approach to state-of-the-art loan recovery and resolution. This approach will help reduce bounce rates by guaranteeing a customer-centric strategy. Because it will increase collection efficiency by catering to user behavior with a combination of digital + AI + physical calls.
       In the current modern economic scenario banks and NBFCs often struggle to manage loan collections through various channels, leading to operational inefficiencies and rising costs. Mobicule's omni-channel loan resolution service addresses this challenge in a cost-effective manner.
      Excited about this innovative and industry-first solution, Siddharth Agarwal, Founder and Managing Director, Mobicule Technologies, said, “Banks and NBFCs hand over cases for digital collection and unresolved cases are transferred to the call center for resolution. Both channels are used simultaneously or in reduced amounts, resulting in inefficiencies and increased costs.
     Mobicule offers an integrated loan resolution service that seamlessly connects over 100 call center operations with digital outreach, creating a true omni-channel solution that leverages technology, data science, strategy, and physical call centers. Like SMS, Email, WhatsApp, IVR, Voice Bot, Outbound and Inbound Call Center services. Our mission is to improve the synergy between digital and human call center capabilities by leveraging real-time customer interactions and behavior across platforms.
Our debt recovery platform caters to all the stages of pre, initial, middle and final stage. We have designed our platform specifically to meet and manage the recovery cycles of settlement, asset recovery and legal workflow management. We provide an integrated platform with legal services to manage your legal process with the support of lawyers catering to expertise and specific areas.
Our physical debt resolution service aims to facilitate debt collection and recovery by combining technology with personal customer engagement. “We intend to improve recovery rates and reduce the operating costs of financial institutions.”
“By aligning digital capabilities with human-centric strategies, offering a fresh approach that allows financial institutions to accurately and carefully navigate the complexities of loan recovery,” said Yatin Pednekar, Senior Technology Officer, Mobicule Technologies.

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