Alankrita Sahai got injured while shooting Tipppsy

Alankrita Sahai is one actress who always pushes herself beyond regular limits to do the unthinkable. She's never really afraid to try and test her limits and well

May 7, 2024 - 09:07
Alankrita Sahai got injured while shooting Tipppsy
Alankrita Sahai got injured while shooting Tipppsy

that's exactly what gives her the wings to fly high. The last year has been a great one for her in terms of successful music videos, OTT projects and awards. Well, seems like this year, things are going to get even bigger and better as Alankrita herself is working harder than even before. In fact, the diva is working so hard that at times, she's even forgetting where to draw the line. Well, unfortunately, something similar happened on the sets of her upcoming film 'Tipppsy'.

The movie Tipppsy revolves around her character of Pony and the movie has every bit of element associated with it, right from humour and drama to camaraderie between the divas and good high-octane action. Alankrita herself was engrossed in quite a bit of action and unfortunately in the process, she got injured. Yes that's right. As the movie nears its release, we got in touch with Alankrita to know more about the injuries and she said,

"Unfortunately, I got injured while performing a stunt sequence in the film. I cut my upper lip. I don’t believe in using body double and hence me and my co-actor were doing it ourselves. Due to some error, I ended up hurting my lips terribly because of which I was profusely bleeding. I couldn’t shoot for two days. However, after two days, despite the doctors asking me to rest, I came back to the sets to shoot because I didn’t want to cause any trouble to the director and Producer of the film.

I was treated well and hence after using all the medications and anti-inflammatory injections possible, and that’s why, despite a swollen lip which was eventually improved by my doctor after stitches etc, I could work. All thanks to my doctor, my director and the entire team, I could complete my shoot. Also, the importance of the shot was immense as it was a one-time shot and hence we had to get it right come what may. I jumped from that huge platform to the pool and well, what had to happen had happen.

But mostly importantly, I decided to not give up. Also, a supportive team who understand you helps the process further. So, despite all the stitches, injections etc, I didn’t let my shoot get hampered and I realized that a lot of it is about your mind. I had the indomitable spirit to not give up and the universe was kind in its healing process as well for me. I am grateful.”

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