India has the opportunity to lead the world in drone technology

Jun 14, 2024 - 22:18
India has the opportunity to lead the world in drone technology

RL Pandey

Lucknow. A one-day workshop on drone technology was organized on Friday by the Center for Advanced Studies of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University in collaboration with Ansys Software and ARK Info Solution. While chairing the workshop, Honorable Vice Chancellor Prof. JP Pandey said that drone is a rapidly growing and emerging technology. It is being used in every field. Earlier, only photography was done through drones. But now various types of applications have come in this technology.

It is proving to be helpful in everything from security to health and agriculture to the delivery of goods. A lot can be done in this technology considering India's needs and geographical location. India has the opportunity to lead the whole world in this technology. However, the challenges are also not less. But we have to make continuous efforts to overcome this. It is most important that teachers and students should be aware of the new software. He said that the university will also arrange new training for its students and teachers. So that the students can be prepared.

Center for Advanced Studies Director Prof. Virendra Pathak said that drone technology has become most useful at present. This technology is being used in every field. It is also being used in agriculture, health, security, surveillance, and delivery of goods. Recently, the electricity department also used it to stop electricity theft. That is, we can make this technology according to our needs. Prof. Pathak also threw light on the various labs located in CASH.

As an expert, Dr. Abhishek of IIT Kanpur explained in detail about drone design, manufacturing, simulating etc. Said that the capacity of drones is different in plain and hilly areas. The army needs such drones which can deliver more goods in inaccessible areas with less energy consumption. He said that the design, weight lifting capacity and speed of the drone matter a lot.

He also threw light on various other dimensions of this technology. In the technical session, Dr. Tushar Sharma, Balram Rao, Rohit Sangwan, Ajay Shekhar Reddy, Shubhendra Mishra of ARK Info Solution and Abhimanyu Singh of Ansys gave information about various applications of drone technology. The guests were welcomed by the program coordinator and Dean Innovation Dr. Anuj Kumar Sharma. While Anurag Chaubey conducted the program. On this occasion, program co-coordinator Dr. Rabesh Kumar Singh along with other teachers and students were present.

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