Three Day 'Yogic Jeevan Se Safalta ' camp ended

Lucknow. Three Days Yoga Camp Organized by Indian Yoga Council, Lucknow and in collaboration with Jawahar Lal Nehru National Youth Centre, Lucknow, three-day training camp "Yogic Jeevan Se Success" is being organized from 23/05/2024 to 25/05/2024 at Jawahar Lal Nehru National Youth Centre, Lucknow. Organized at Yuva Kendra, Lucknow.

May 26, 2024 - 21:49
Three Day 'Yogic Jeevan Se Safalta ' camp ended
Three Day 'Yogic Jeevan Se Safalta ' camp ended

Director of Indian Yoga Council, Shri Sarvesh Kumar Soni said that the Council is working in the field of Yoga, along with this the Council will also work to take the program “Yogik Jeevan Se Success” to the people.   Shri Ram Pal Sharma, President of Jawaharlal Nehru National Youth Center told in the workshop about the importance of Yoga in social and human life. Dr. CP Sharpa, former Special Secretary/Chairman, State Legislature Veterans Institute, explained the need of yoga in the society, Ms. Suman Pandey, Secretary Annapurna Rasoi, State Legislature Veterans Institute, Uttar Pradesh also explained the yogic lifestyle, Dr. Shivani Singh, Director. Lucknow Institute of Yoga and Neuropathy Science explained the relation of Yoga and Neuropathy to health and fitness. Dr. Kalpana Singh of Sandeep Neuropathy Hospital gave detailed information to the participants about Neuropathy treatment, Dr. V.P. Sharma gave detailed information to the participants about Neuropathy treatment, Vanya Mishra told the participants about yoga and fitness and Mrs. Asha Mishra. Explained the importance of cow service.

Vice President of Uttar Pradesh Taekwondo and Director of JTA Taekwondo Academy Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Shri Anand Mani Jugran gave many suggestions and ways to the participants to maintain their fitness. Dr. Arun Kumar, former senior consultant of AYUSH Department, Uttar Pradesh, stressed upon the participants on maintaining proper diet, exercise, yoga and lifestyle. Founder of Vedic Mitra, Shri Satyendra Kumar Gupta explained in detail the impact and importance of Yoga in daily life. Indian Yoga Council manager Puneet Verma happily congratulated the people associated with the yoga field, Dr. V.P. Sharma explained the importance of yoga and naturopathy, Mr. Brij Mishra gave information about diet and health.

Founder of Bharatiya Lok Kalyan Parishad, Smt. Nidhi ji discussed about Yoga and the work being done in its field, Astrologer Shri Anshul Tripathi ji provided training to the participants about Yoga and Astrology. Shri Amit Singh, Assistant Professor, UP Rajarshi Tandon Open University asked the participants to contribute to the society. Yogacharya Nitika ji discussed in detail about the effects of yoga in daily life. Yogacharya Balram Verma told about the benefits of yoga, Mr. Kunal Verma, K Fitness Center explained in detail about the therapy, Yogacharya Arvind Kumar Dwivedi ji told about changing the lifestyle through yoga and the benefits of Suryanamaskar, Ranu from Gym.

Founder Mr. Anwar Abbas told about the contribution of yoga in fitness, President of JP Memorial Institute Yogita Mishra also talked about saving life through yoga, Yogacharya Ms. Samreen Bano told about Jalneti in yoga, Yogacharya Baijanti Gupta talked about Suryanamaskar. Gave information about, Ms. Neelu Pandey, founder of AKHelp Social Foundation, also talked about making women aware about yoga, on the occasion of conclusion of the training on the third day of the session, Dr. Ankit Kumar Soni also talked about yoga and health safety, along with Ashutosh Kashyap, Founder Balaji Fitness Center discussed about fitness in the workshop, in the workshop people like K.S.Bhadauriya, Shri Shukla etc. gave importance to making social people aware in the field of Yoga.

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