If you want to stay safe then make distance from social media

Aug 8, 2023 - 15:34
If you want to stay safe then make distance from social media
If you want to stay safe then make distance from social media

Dr. Sumitra Agarwal

To stay connected with friends, to share our feelings and thoughts, to stay updated with the outside world, we all are connected to some or the other social media platform. This virtual world may make one feel close to old and distant friends, but do you know that experts consider it dangerous for mental health. Multiple studies have linked excessive use of social media to increased risks of depression, anxiety, loneliness, self-harm and even suicidal thoughts.

Researchers point out that social media can promote negative experiences, so it has a risk of many side effects on mental health. Especially the youth are spending more time of their day on these apps, this can be the cause of many types of problems.
The Pew Research Center surveyed over 1,300 teens to find out how social media can be harmful to our mental health. It found that more than 35% people are spending more time on at least one of the top five social media platforms (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook).

Mental health problems were also seen increasing in most of these youth.

Effects on mental health and sleep

Researchers at Iowa State University have tried to find out in research that if the use of social media in people is limited to only 30 minutes or less a day, then what effect can it have?
By week two of the study, the majority of students who reduced their use reported improvements in overall health, including better psychological well-being and sleep quality.

What do experts say?
Douglas Gentile, professor of psychology and co-author of the study, says that limiting the amount of time spent on social media significantly reduced negative emotions, including anxiety, depression and stress, and led to more positive emotions.

Similarly, a study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania found that a group that reduced their use of social media saw significant improvements in feelings of loneliness and depression within three weeks. On this basis, researchers say, even though the virtual world of social media helps us to stay connected with people, in reality it can have many serious disadvantages.

What is the conclusion of the study?

Our findings suggest that everyone should consider limiting their time on social media, says psychiatrist Elizabeth Ortiz-Schwartz. It gives you something to look at, makes you laugh and makes you feel connected to other people, but our minds don't take to virtual things much. He likes reality more. Social media is full of negative content which directly affects the functional capacity of our brain. It would be better if you yourself gradually distance yourself from it.

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