Where there is more than just politics

Due to the environment, we have received since childhood, the mentality that we are inferior to English-speaking people has become ingrained and we used to suffer from this inferiority complex.

May 1, 2024 - 14:41
Where there is more than just politics

The missionaries used to look at the children studying in the school with a feeling of being dumb in front of the English people. When I was young, after spending time with the children of the missionary school, I realized that they were exactly like us, made up of every age, and had the same food habits, devils, and sports. After comparing many times, I found myself better and better than this missionary school. However, after increasing the classes, my interest in the English language started increasing. And realized that instead of hating this language, one should love it because it has abundant text material for knowledge, science, literature, and philosophy as compared to the Hindi language. This thing came to light again when I read two articles in an English daily.

Whereas during this period, Hindi dailies were full of election material, full of claims and announcements from the leaders and boasting of achievements.

The text material on literature, economics, art, and culture was out of the newspaper, however, the news of IPL Matu was given. The funny thing is that the correspondent of Sanskrit Artha and Literature was also seen doing political reporting, he had also prepared a report regarding the same, but the English daily An article was published in which the Brazilian models were discussing their modeling advertisements in India.

 In one article, it was told that many Brazilian models used to come to India, whereas till now we were the first to come to India for football and samba. Knew Brazil only for dance. Similarly, in another article, the author discussed Bhool Bhulaiya, about which it is said that Asif Dhaula had built it when he was staying in the city, in the construction of which both the rich and the poor cooperated. The walls built by the poor were demolished by the rich, for which money was given to both of them so that the stoves of both could burn because wisdom was superior to both of them.

Many readers will have this information but in this article, the English writer has compared Aashiq Daulat with the much talked about MNREGA scheme. Probably the architects of MNREGA might have learned it from Bhool Bhulaiya, that is why we say that elections are for people like us. Not only this, there is much more.

By Akhil Sawant

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