What Local artist said about #AkshayKumar

These days #AkshayKumar is out of Mumbai for the shooting of his upcoming film.

May 19, 2024 - 14:47
May 19, 2024 - 14:49
What Local artist said about #AkshayKumar
What Local artist said about #AkshayKumar

These days he is busy shooting for Jolly LLB 3. We all know that Akshay is absolutely perfect in his work. Recently a local artist shared a moment with him which shows that he is not only a good artist but also a good human being.

Expressing his gratitude towards Akshay, the local artist shared his experience on his social media. He said, "When I said Jai Shri Ram to Akshay sir, he bowed down and greeted me and said Jai Shri Ram.

I was Akshay Kumar all day yesterday. What is it about this guy that people are happy to see him, many people start crying after seeing him, the feeling of every person who lives with his positive principles is also positive. Seeing Akshay Sir, I felt that sleeping at 9 o'clock, doing meditation, doing your work wholeheartedly, having faith in God. salute to this man

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