Regency Hospital honored Cancer warriors

(Sanjay Shukla) Kanpur, Regency Hospital, Kanpur, a well-known health institution of the region, organized a ceremony for cancer warriors who recovered from radiation in the hospital. During this, Regency's leading radiation oncologists Dr. Ashish Raj Kulshrestha and Dr. Narayan Pratap Singh were present.

Jun 26, 2024 - 15:07
Regency Hospital honored Cancer warriors
Regency Hospital honored Cancer warriors

The program took place in the conference hall of the hospital from 12 noon. The cancer warriors present on this occasion were treated by these doctors. During this, the cancer warriors shared their stories of experience and told how they defeated such a terrible and life-threatening disease.

During this, Dr. Ashish Raj Kulshrestha expressed his views and said, "During cancer treatment, the patients' fighting power is the most important. They can defeat their disease only with their mental strength. We are happy to be present among such strong-willed people. Such people, who defeated this disease only on the strength of their strength and willpower."

Dr. Narayan Pratap Singh further said, this reflects the fighting spirit of cancer warriors. We are happy that this program was very successful, because during this time both doctors and cancer warriors expressed their views. We hope that they too can get the strength and inspiration to drive away this disease. "

During this time, the cancer warriors present shared the whole story of saving their lives from this disease. They were also honored by the hospital-faculty.

A cancer warrior Mr. Ramesh Kalpnya, who has undergone treatment in the hospital, said, "It is important to make people sensitive about cancer. People get scared just by thinking about this disease, but if it is detected on time and good treatment is given, then it can also be defeated. I thank the best team of doctors of Regency Hospital and will always be grateful to them for giving me a new life. The best thing is that the cost of treatment here is very low and support is given even after recovery and information about the patient's condition is kept. Some children below the age of 10 years attended the ceremony who had cancer earlier but are now completely healthy after treatment. This hospital has the best facilities in the region, which can be compared with the best institutions in the country."

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