Exciting and creative workshops for children

Bareilly. #PhoenixUnitedBareilly is organizing exciting and creative workshops for children under the 'Enchanted Forest program. The program, which will run from June 7 to June 27, aims to provide children an opportunity to learn while playing.

Jun 10, 2024 - 19:17
Exciting and creative workshops for children
Exciting and creative workshops for children

Various types of activities are being organized in the program, including making forest theme photo frames, tattoo art, making 3D forest dioramas, making garden lamps, coloring sheets, spin art, origami animals, making headgears, making table centerpieces, making clay zoo, pot painting, T-shirt painting, the rainforest in a jar, painting on tote pouches, making animal paper bags, making fluffy bunny, etc.

Mr. Sanjeev Sareen, Senior Center Director, Phoenix Mills said, "Our aim is to give children the fun of learning while playing. In the 'Enchanted Forest' workshops, children will not only have fun but will also learn something new through various art and craft activities. We are confident that these workshops will prove to be a memorable experience for the children."

The children and their parents who attended the program also praised the workshops and said that these activities were very educative and fun for the children. This is a great opportunity for children to utilize their free time and learn something new during this summer vacation at Phoenix United Bareilly.

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