Delhi Half Marathon - INR 1.77 crore raised so far for the 18th edition of the Vedanta


Oct 11, 2023 - 15:30
Delhi Half Marathon - INR 1.77 crore raised so far for the 18th edition of the Vedanta
Delhi Half Marathon - INR 1.77 crore raised so far for the 18th edition of the Vedanta


New Delhi. The world’s prestigious Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon is one of India’s largest sporting platforms for philanthropy. With the support of United Way Delhi, the event’s Philanthropy partner has strengthened this pillar year after year with record-breaking funds raised for various causes. 


The 18th edition of the event has raised INR 1.77 crore for charity and contributions will continue till 31st October 2023.  Since 2005, the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon has raised INR 79.35 crores and has impacted millions of lives.  


Furthermore, NGOs have raised a whopping INR 12,60,171, while social impact individuals have raised INR 31,38,490. Additionally, corporates have raised INR 13,130,150, along with Charity Bibs that have amassed a donation of INR 2,45,500.  


55+ not-for-profit organisations, 65+ individual fundraisers, and 10+ corporates along with thousands of individual donors and fundraisers have come forward to support a host of social causes including childhood development, education & youth, health & well-being, livelihood & financial stability, gender diversity & inclusion, environment & biodiversity, sports, and disaster responseThe contributions made on the platform have captured the passion of giving from over 1600+ unique donors from India and the world. 


Commenting on the association and the philanthropy drive for this edition, Ms Rina Kaushal, Chairperson, of United Way Delhi, said, “This year's philanthropy drive is fueled by our motto: "Yeh Daud Jeet Ki Aur," where every step brings us closer to achieving our collective goals. United Way Delhi has joined forces with CSOs, various social impact causes, numerous corporates, and dedicated fundraisers at the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon 2023. Thank you for coming forward to make a difference.”  

Mr. Vivek Singh, Joint MD, Procam International said, “We are grateful for today and for the opportunity to serve.  We believe people should have a choice to run for a cause which is close to their hearts. So, you should choose a cause, and nominate it, and that will give you immense power and the motivation to run. Now, over the last 20 years, the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon has  served over 700 different NGOs and is one of the largest sporting platforms for philanthropy in the world and impacting lives in the most wonderful way.”

ABBF, the Inclusion Ally for the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon has played a vital role in enabling the partnership between persons with disabilities and corporate leaders. This ground-breaking initiative has witnessed 75 corporate leaders stepping up to be allies, offering their support and guidance during the race. By engaging corporate leaders in this unique experience, the event aimed to foster meaningful interactions and promote a more inclusive mindset within society. 




Vedanta’s continued association as the title sponsor is rooted in its philosophy of giving back to society. Aimed at eradicating malnutrition in the country,Vedanta’s #RunForZeroHunger is a mass movement to bring people together to make sure that no child goes to bed hungry. For every kilometre run, Vedanta will contribute a nutritious meal to a child through its flagship social impact initiative — the Nand Ghar project. Vedanta’s leadership and CXOs are leading by example and inspiring the 87,000+ strong Vedanta family from various businesses spread across India to join in this mission. Vedanta’s pledge of targeting 2 million meals is being driven by over 28,000 runners who already have come together to participate and contribute towards the cause #RunForZeroHunger. 


The press conference today showcased inspiring stories from some of our fundraisers who believe in making a positive impact in the community. 


A brief profile of them and their commitment towards fundraising: 


Deepak Sharma raised INR 6,72,617 


Deepak Sharma, a passionate fundraiser, has been making a significant impact by raising funds for Udayan Care in the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon 2023.

Deepak's dedication to the cause of girls' education is evident in his heartfelt conversations. 

He believes that girls' education is a vital pillar for the progress of our country. His motivation to support this cause comes from within, driven by a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfilment. Deepak's unwavering passion and commitment to the cause have earned him admiration and respect.
Eashan Kumar raised INR 1,02,401 for Protsahan India Foundation
Eashan is a class 10 student with big dreams and a compassionate heart. Little did he know that a chance encounter with his mother's work would ignite a passion for change in him that would lead to an extraordinary journey. 

When asked why he had taken up the fundraising in the VDHM 2023, Eashan's response was both heartfelt and inspiring. He mentioned that his mother worked in a sector that exposed her to the stark realities of life in India, especially for young girls. Her stories of the struggles and challenges faced by underprivileged girls left a profound impact on Eashan.


United Way Delhi raised INR 71,31,840 


United Way Delhi (UWD) is an independent local not-for-profit organization affiliated with the United Way Worldwide Family – one of the World’s Largest leaders with 1800 affiliate chapters across 41 countries. United Way Delhi (UWD), since 2008, has been working actively to advance the ‘common good’ for the local community through innovative social impact interventions and partnerships under domains including foundational learning, quality education, healthcare, environment, livelihood, and disaster response, across the country.
Etasha Society raised INR 12,31,801 

Etasha Society, an NGO dedicated to empowering youth through education and skill development, shared their inspiring experiences and motivations for participating in the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon since 2011-12. Their stories shed light on the profound impact this event has had on their organization and the communities they serve.

Parul, a representative of the organization, explained that there are two primary reasons. Firstly, the event provides an excellent platform for them to showcase their work. They've even participated in the fancy dress competition, winning and garnering attention for their campaign. And secondly, the event allows them to raise awareness about their mission and connect with a broader audience. 

Ripudaman Bevli raised INR ₹ 13,001 


Ripu Daman runs to raise funds for Jan Madhyam, an organization close to his heart.
As Ripu Daman reflects on his personal bests and the vibrant spirit of Delhi, he acknowledges the significance of his role as the "Plogman of India," a title bestowed upon him by the Government of India. Running became his medium to inspire the nation, fostering a connection between fitness and philanthropy. His journey has been marked by collaboration with numerous NGOs and scholars. United Way, in particular, has been instrumental in creating platforms for NGOs to receive the support they need.

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