Going deep into the inner soul purifies the mind and then the work is accomplished: Jayesh Bhai

Sep 12, 2023 - 13:22
Going deep into the inner soul purifies the mind and then the work is accomplished: Jayesh Bhai
Going deep into the inner soul purifies the mind and then the work is accomplished: Jayesh Bhai

RL Pandey

Ahmedabad. In the inaugural session of the Sabal Nandini camp, Jayesh Bhai said that we have to practice perseverance and humility. Today many trends are going on in society and country. This brings some good to the society. But this is not the solution. The main reason is the lack of a spiritual element in it.

Vinoba suggested the way to include devotion and spirituality in service work. He adopted a holistic approach in his life. Shri Jayesh Bhai said that many times we become satisfied by working at the level of mind and intellect. We need to transcend wisdom and conscience and touch the essence of the soul. While narrating the experiences of his trip to Japan, Shri Jayesh Bhai said that there is a feeling of gratitude in every action there.

The patience with which the Japanese have endured many crises is an example for the world. After the death, lakhs of saplings have been planted by the family members. This is a unique example of perpetuating the memory. Shri Jayesh Bhai said that we have also seen that period when many allegations were made regarding social work, but the result of service by remaining silent is visible today. The spirit of friendship helped a lot in this. Giving the example of Gautam Buddha, Shri Jayesh Bhai said that without compassion, it is difficult to practice friendship.

With this comes truth and love. Vinoba practiced truth, love, and compassion in his life. Materially, he got land as a donation and spiritually, the seeds of compassion were sown in the society. Shri Jayesh Bhai said that inclination does not matter much, rather there should be depth in the work. By going deep into the inner mind, the mind gets purified and then the work gets accomplished. Purity of mind has an important place in collective sadhana. In this purification of mind, the act of cleansing is a support, due to which the ego is destroyed.

Before this, rangoli was made from natural objects in front of the statues of Vinoba ji and Mahatma Gandhi installed in Sughd. A documentary film made on Vinoba ji by the Film Division was screened. In the second session, all the participants introduced themselves. Participants from Gujarat, Haryana, Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Uttarakhand are participating in the Sabal Nandini camp.

In the afternoon session, Professor Dr. Pushpendra Dubey of Maharaja Ranjit Singh College, Indore expressed his views on subjects like Vinoba ji's Shantisena, Sarvodaya Patra, Khadi Mission, Acharya Kul. Saint Siddharth Krishna of Rishikesh, while speaking, said that the use of friendship started from the time of Lord Buddha.

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