IFFCO - Anurag Tiwari became the President and DK Singh became the vice president 

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Oct 21, 2023 - 09:59
IFFCO  - Anurag Tiwari became the President and DK Singh became the vice president 
IFFCO - Anurag Tiwari became the President and DK Singh became the vice president 

SENIOR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR congratulated the newly appointed officials 

Zainul Abdin
Prayagraj. Election Officer P.K. Patel announced the IFFCO Officers Association election results. In President Post Anurag Tiwari defeated Prateek Verma by record 193 votes. Anurag Tiwari got 286 votes and Prateek Verma got 93 votes. In Vice President Post D.K. Singh defeated his nearest rival Masroor Ahmed Siddiqui by 28 votes, D.K. Singh got 121 votes, Masroor Ahmed Siddiqui got 93, Sandeep Kumar Srivastava got 87 votes and Naveen Verma got 43 votes.

In General Secretary Post Swayam Prakash defeated his nearest rival Ashish Kumar Gautam by 95 votes. Swayam Prakash got 196 votes, Ashish Kumar Gautam got 101, Dharmendra Kumar Singh got 67 votes and D.C. Singh got 16 votes. In Joint Secretary post Rajesh Kumar Srivastava defeated Bablesh Kumar Mishra by 41 votes. Rajesh Kumar Srivastava got 208 votes and Bablesh Kumar Mishra got 167 votes. In the post of Organising Secretary B.P. Singh (Munna) defeated his nearest rival S.S. Yadav by 2 votes. B.P.Singh (Munna) got 139 votes and S.S.Yadav got 137 votes. 

In Publishing Secretary Manish Singh won by 27 votes. Manish Singh got 121 votes, Sanjay Singh got 94 votes and Indranil Roy got 76 votes. In Establishment, Secretary C.B. Singh won by 20 votes. C.B. Singh got 164 votes, Faujdar Yadav got 144 votes and Mauji Lal Patel got 67 votes. In the Treasurer post, Gautam Kumar won by 125 votes. Gautam Kumar got 210 votes and Ashok Kumar Srivastava got 85 votes. Executive Member Grade E J.S. Dwivedi defeated SK Yadav by 70 votes.

On Executive Member Grade F, Anil Kumar Yadav defeated Rajeev Sharma by 12 votes. Executive member on F1 S.K. Awasthi defeated SK Srivastava by 75 votes. On the post of Executive Member Grade G, Apoorva Kumar Saxena defeated R.P.Singh by 6 votes. On Executive Member G1, Shailesh Kumar Srivastava defeated Satyendra Kumar Maurya by 45 votes. Piyush Mehta Executive Member G2 and Vishnu Kant Tiwari Executive Member H were elected unopposed. Election officer PK Patel praised the officials for the peaceful conduct of the elections. Senior Executive Director (Unit Head) Sanjay Kudesia congratulated and well wishes all the winning candidates.

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