Business culture expanded rapidly in UP

Feb 19, 2024 - 23:09
Business culture expanded rapidly in UP
Business culture expanded rapidly in UP

Prayagraj. As per the instructions of BJP Metropolitan President Rajendra Mishra, live telecast of UP Global Investor Submit Program under Developed India Developed Uttar Pradesh was watched by installing LCD TV in Bharatiya Janata Party Office Civil Lines and Prime Minister Narendra Modi's address was heard on this occasion. On this occasion, Dr. L.S.Ojha, District Spokesperson Rajesh Kesarwani and Councilor Bhola Tiwari said that under the efficient leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, crime in the industry sector has reduced in Uttar Pradesh and business culture has expanded rapidly. This has happened and an environment of business development and trust has been created in Uttar Pradesh due to which big businessmen of the world are investing in Uttar Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh is moving towards prosperity and definitely in developed India, developed Uttar Pradesh will play the biggest role. Sachin Jaiswal was the coordinator of the program. Vijay Srivastava, President of the Board of Directors, did it. On this occasion, prominent people were Rajesh Kesarwani, Pramod Jaiswal, Sanjay Singh, Natwarlal Bharti, Girjesh Dwivedi, Kritagya Narayan, Mahendra Tiwari, Harish Paswan, Bhola Tiwari, Raju Garg, Hardev Singh, Ajay Agrahari, Shahid Usman, Suresh Kumar Pathak, Mujeeb, Manoj Shetty, Utkarsh Tiwari etc.

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