Trailer and music launch of Rajan Luthra's #Mahayogi


Oct 18, 2023 - 10:28
Trailer and music launch of Rajan Luthra's #Mahayogi
Trailer and music launch of Rajan Luthra's #Mahayogi

Mumbai - Trailer and music of producer, director, actor Rajan Luthra's film 'Mahayogi' was launched at Star Preview Theatre, Andheri West. Where the technician was present along with Rajan Luthra and Manish Kaul.

Rajan Luthra tells me that this film is my journey. Today there is a need to stop war and establish peace in the world. God has sent us to share love and not to fight. The concept of mutual unity should go beyond religious boundaries. To solve all the problems we all have to agree. According to him, this film will help in bringing a big change in the attitude of the people.

Rajan Luthra's "Mahayogi, Highway 1 to Oneness" stems from the belief that unity has the power to reshape. Based on humanity, bridging divides, sowing the seeds of harmonious co-existence, love, unity, consciousness, purity, and unwavering faith, this journey aims to re-awaken empathy within human beings.

According to Rajan Luthra, “Mahayogi, Highway 1 to Oneness” aspires to ignite a revolution in collectivity. It will try to give a beautiful message that all religious conflicts should end from human consciousness.

 All are one with one God and one universe. Mahayogi's bridge is   True consciousness and that will raise the consciousness of every soul wherever they are. We can subconsciously see everyone as one and respect each other's religions and stop wars. He believes that this trilogy film project will be enlightening.

Rajan Luthra, born in Delhi, lives in America. Due to his philanthropic nature, he is always ready to serve the society. He is educating thousands of underprivileged children in India through his NGO Help Foundation and also distributes food ration materials to the poor.

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