#PokerBaazi present's Baazi Millions tournament

Agra. India's biggest poker platform 'PokerBaazi' recently announced the first edition of Baazi Millions, a transformative tournament with a fixed pay-out structure for the top 200 rank holders.

Jun 3, 2024 - 15:16
#PokerBaazi present's Baazi Millions tournament
PokerBaazi present's Baazi Millions tournament

 The tournament is slated to begin on 1st June& will conclude on 9th June, witnessing professional& amateur Poker players battling to secure top spots in the Poker tournament with a never-seen-before guaranteed payout of INR 1 Million each to the top 25 rank holders.

Baazi Millions stands as another feat from PokerBaazi to further and build the Indian Poker tournament culture.

Commenting on the introduction of Baazi Millions, Navkiran Singh, CEO and Founder, of Baazi Games shared, “Since the inception of PokerBaazi, we have been diligently working towards on how best we can push boundaries and deliver exceptional value to Poker players. Baazi Millions is a stride towards our commitment to continuously innovate in the Indian poker community.”

This tournament rewards the top 200 players in a unique way, making Baazi Millions a first-of-its-kind experience for players.

The tournament’s payout structure:


Guaranteed Payout

1 to 25

INR 10 Lac each

26 to 50

INR 5 Lac each

51 to 75

INR 2 Lac each

76 to 100

INR 1 Lac each

101 to 200

INR 50K each


Players can register on the PokerBaazi application and participate in the tournament.

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