District Election Officer and observers held a meeting with the candidates, gave important instructions

Lok Sabha general elections should be conducted safely, do not let the situation of dispute arise - observers

May 10, 2024 - 16:54
District Election Officer and observers held a meeting with the candidates, gave important instructions
District Election Officer and observers held a meeting with the candidates, gave important instructions

Pratapgarh. In view of Lok Sabha General Election-2024, District Magistrate/District Election Officer Sanjeev Ranjan, General Observer Pawan Kumar Malapati, Police Observer Mahesh Chandra Jain, Expenditure Observer Subrata Dhar held a meeting with the candidates/representatives contesting the elections in the auditorium of the camp office and issued important guidelines.

The District Election Officer gave detailed instructions to the Election Commission regarding the Model Code of Conduct. He said that no party or candidate will be involved in any activity which may create any differences between any religion, caste or communities. He said that if political parties are criticized then it should be limited to their policies and programmes, past records and work.

Criticizing all aspects of personal life will have to be avoided. There should be no appeal to caste or communal sentiments in temples, mosques and other places of worship. If during this period corrupt practices and crimes like bribing voters, intimidating voters etc. are not committed.

No political party or candidate will allow its followers to hoist flags, hang banners, paste notices, write slogans etc. on its land, buildings, premises walls etc. without the permission of any person. Will not create any kind of obstruction during the procession. He said that it is necessary to take permission for campaigning, without permission no candidate will be allowed to campaign.

The identity slip provided to the voters shall be on plain (white) paper and shall not bear any symbol, name of the candidate or name of the party. Inducement material, liquor and other important items should not be distributed to voters on the day of voting.

The observers told the candidates contesting the elections to conduct the Lok Sabha general elections in a safe, fair and transparent manner, do not let any kind of dispute arise, study the guidelines issued by the Election Commission of India in depth, and follow the same.

Campaign your elections accordingly and never violate the model code of conduct. In case of any problem, you can inform the District Election Officer/Superintendent of Police/Onlookers. Provide complete information about the expenditure details incurred during the election so that the expenditure can be added to the candidate's account.

The observers told the candidates that no dispute of any kind should be created at the booths and if any incident occurs at the booths, they should be informed immediately so that the problem can be resolved. Intensive searches of vehicles coming and going on all borders should be done so that criminals can be effectively controlled and strict action can be taken against the unruly elements who are spoiling the atmosphere.

Deputy District Election Officer Tribhuvan Vishwakarma, Additional Superintendent of Police East Durgesh Kumar Singh, Senior Treasury Officer Anamika Singh, SDM Tanveer Ahmed and the candidates/representatives contesting the elections were present in the meeting.

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